Events / Information 2022-05-07

Jackbox Party Pack Games Night

Saturday, May 7, 2022 @ 6 PM PDT

It’s Jackbox Party Pack Games Night! There will be music to go along with all the fun! Free for you to play, and also featuring audience participation if we get enough people, all you need is a web browser!

Spread the word far and wide, because more is definitely merrier for party games! Descriptions below!


Fibbage: 2-8 players must come up with their best fake answers for question prompts, before voting to try and guess the correct answers. Players earn points for fooling others with their lies, as well as for correctly guessing the answer for the question.

Quiplash: Prompts are given to two players each, with each player receiving two questions total. Each player must come up with the funniest answers they can, before then voting for their favorites answers in every matchup.

Trivia Murder Party: Up to eight players compete in a trivia gameshow, being sent to the “Killing Floor” every time a question is answered wrong, where they risk being killed or given handicaps. In the end, it’s a mad dash of a trivia lightning round to escape the house.

Guesspionage: Players are given questions and “yes”/”no” answers from surveys and must guess the percentage of participants who gave that answer. Points are awarded based on how close you are to the correct answer.

Survive The Internet: Up to eight players will answer the given questions they are provided, before those answers are given to others without context. Players will compete to come up with the most ridiculous contexts for the other players’ answers, voted on by each other.

Bracketeering: Players are all given the same prompt and must come up with their own answers. The answers are all put into a bracket, in which players will vote on all matchups until one answer remains.

Dictionarium: All competitors will be tasked with creating dictionary definitions for made-up words, and later, creating synonyms for that same word. In the final round, everyone will have to use their word in a sentence, and all words will be added to a dictionary that can be browsed at any time.

(there are more, but these are the best fits for the first time around!)

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