Quoted by: Kyne Tigerpaw 2022-01-19

[20:37] Matt Fluffpaw: hot corndogs hot corndogs hot corndogs

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2022-01-19

Matt Fluffpaw: Hell, if they’re willing to get cum on their fursuits they’re willing to risk a little singeing.

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2022-01-16

[19:18] Shizuka Tsunenaga: i dont like eating nuts

Quoted by: Matt Fluffpaw 2022-01-15

Dehrynn Shepherd: I’ll brb Robbie Roo (Robbie Ravenhurst): WooHoo!

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2022-01-14

[19:07] Colwyn Baily: Feels like it’s been longer

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2022-01-12

[20:37] Kyne Tigerpaw: how do I say I was too busy taking off my pants to say goodnight

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2022-01-12

[20:19] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): You got too muych perfume on if your guy can smell it in his eyes.

Quoted by: Shizuka Tsunenaga 2022-01-12

[19:41] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (Charley Eismann): it was too good not to at least play with it

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2022-01-12

[19:37] Sam Winchester: had to feed the puss

Quoted by: Adelphus 2022-01-12

[18:24] Jagger: Bigger is better if you know how to use it!

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2022-01-12

[18:26] Bruin Prospero: i will show you how big i can get

Quoted by: Adelphus 2022-01-12

[18:21] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann: Charley humped the relatives of Jabba The Hut on Boba Fett

Quoted by: Adelphus 2022-01-12

[14:47] Matt Fluffpaw: Gah, I saw tiddies

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2022-01-11

[18:39] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann) pulls out slightly

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2022-01-10

[19:25] Dov Watanabe: Always a pleasure to help our great-grandpeen across the street, Dehr!

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2022-01-06

[19:49] Matt Fluffpaw lets Kyne play with it

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2022-01-06

[19:42] Future Static: I wasn’t stoking

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2022-01-06

[19:10] Sam Winchester (adelphus): I could make it bigger

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2022-01-05

[19:25] Sam Winchester (adelphus): Thank you kindly RusRus, I’m going to plug your nozzle.

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2022-01-04

[19:13] Dov Watanabe yanks it

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2022-01-03

[19:51] Tseenik Miles: Im very fussy about who I let top me too. I only let people who want to.

Quoted by: TWDGSSUPPLY 2021-12-31

hmm dallas has a big phallus which just exploded

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2021-12-31

[21:55] ωуитєя (twdgssupply): Charley, do you take Visa?

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2021-12-31

[20:44] Rustie Zeplin: hmmmph, why is my left hand sticky

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2021-12-31

[20:30] Bruin Prospero: i have a big italian sausage if you want to try that

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2021-12-31

[20:28] ωуитєя (twdgssupply): I’m gnawing on a salami.

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2021-12-31

[20:28] Rustie Zeplin: I’m afraid of this. it smells weird

Quoted by: Matt Fluffpaw 2021-12-31

Shizuka Tsunenaga: now…. where should i stick it lol

Quoted by: TWDGSSUPPLY 2021-12-31

[19:52] Dehrynn Shepherd: I guess Dickmanns is a mouthful then

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2021-12-31

[19:37] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann): windows suck…especially the steamed over ones that keep ya from peeking into the shower

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2021-12-31

[19:34] Dehrynn Shepherd: I had to beat that thing

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2021-12-31

[19:31] Dehrynn Shepherd: I only fiddled with it earlier today, once, Shiz

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-30

[19:40] Future Static: I love rubbing your giant rock hard cock, Dehr!