Quoted by: Adelphus 2023-09-27

[19:27] Dehrynn Shepherd: Some cocks aren’t worth sucking on

Quoted by: Future Static 2023-09-27

[18:51] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann (kaj.juutilainen): Things are just swelled.

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-09-25

[19:43] The Rook (damien.draegonne): Well I bottomed

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-09-20

[13:34] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): And that dude is cute, though I can’t find a picture of him without a flute in his mouth…

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-09-19

[18:56] Jimmie AzĂșcar: just looking at Future’s knees. they look kind of,um, well used.

Quoted by: Future Static 2023-09-18

[18:05] Tseenik Miles: just dont poke me

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-09-17

[18:38] Bhakti Mimulus: im not sure I can take that

Quoted by: Future Static 2023-09-17

[18:11] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann (kaj.juutilainen): Is this the full length, Robbie?

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-09-11

[19:43] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): LOL I suspect you sound like Truman Capote doing a Barry White impression.

Quoted by: Tseenik Miles 2023-09-10

[19:03] Sar (sarazzat.bade): I do try and look for innocents at all times

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-09-09

[18:20] Fieger Difference: (I made it thicker for Muram)

Quoted by: Bruin Prospero 2023-09-04

[20:09] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): I’m still trying to process the information that Raymond Burr was gay. [20:09] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): He’s a cutie, that one

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-09-04

[18:14] Swallo Jackman: I didn’t cum yet….sideglances Mur

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-09-03

[18:45] Robbie Roo: I did it in Boy Scouts

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2023-09-01

18:40] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann: There’s gonna be a song for Shizzy around the top of the hour

Quoted by: Matt Fluffpaw 2023-08-30

Coin Hammerer: I have to pee. Please watch thething for me

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-08-30

[15:37] Bhakti Mimulus: I used to be smark

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-08-30

[15:37] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): Ich bin eine shmarkopf

Quoted by: Bruin Prospero 2023-08-25

[18:46] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann): the first time I saw you, babe, was at AE [18:46] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): Oh he was unbearably sexy

Quoted by: Future Static 2023-08-23

`[18:26] Coin Hammerer: I came at the right time

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-08-16

[19:48] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: I had to have time to take my hands out of my shorts do I could type

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2023-08-15

[18:18] Future Static: Kaj is a mouthful

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2023-08-12

[19:31] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): YAY Cramps!

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-08-09

[13:44] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): Naps gud

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-08-07

[18:19] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann): “Blowjobs by Fieger”….sounds like a hair salo

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-08-07

[18:18] Fieger Difference is ready to blow now

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-08-04

[18:06] Muram: lucky i has towels close by [18:06] Muram: ill investigate more when its less drippy

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-07-31

[20:07] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann (kaj.juutilainen): Did you look at its ass? Jesus

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2023-07-31

[19:48] Kyne Tigerpaw pounds Dov

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-07-31

[18:31] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): When they perform this live, does someone have to come bang her

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-07-20

[19:56] Fieger Difference: Thanks Robbie for sneaking up behind Charley and getting his picture for the poster [19:57] Future Static: I would have licked the poster harder if I had known it was Charley.

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-07-17

[19:23] Kari: personally, the platypus is great for anal probing