Jackbox Party Pack Games

Word Spud

If you’re reading about Word Spud, congratulations. You’ve officially become a hardcore Jackbox Games fan. Word Spud is the racy-as-you-want-to-be fill-in-the-blank word game. One player is given a simple word, such as “real” or “life.” Then, the next player types in their own ideas for a witty word or phrase to follow it. Players vote to either keep the addition or nix it, then the spud passes to the next in line. The “goal” is for you and your friends to form the weirdest word cloud you can. But who cares about goals, man? Just drop all your hang-ups and enjoy the ride. Look for the sequel, Word Spud 2, coming in the year 3145!


In Bidiots, players are given a prompt to create a “masterpiece” on their mobile device. Then the auction begins. Throughout the bidding process, you are given hidden tips on your phone about which works of art (based on the prompt) are worth the most or least amount of money. Players bid accordingly and win by earning the highest profit with their purchased pieces. The problem? Well… let’s just say that paintings can look VERY abstract.

If you spend your money too quickly, you can always call the team at Predatory Loans to get some emergency fast cash… but be careful. The word “predatory” is in their name after all.

Tee KO

In Tee K.O., players are on the clock to create drawings and write as many slogans as possible. Then all the pictures and slogans are shuffled to other players at random. Whoever combines their drawings and slogans to create the best t-shirt wins, as designs are pitted against each other in head-to-head battles. The t-shirts with the highest votes in each round must survive the gauntlet to become the best. Tee… K.O. Get it?

Perhaps the most beloved part of Tee K.O. is the fact that you can make your stupid great creations a reality and purchase actual versions of your t-shirts. Just click the gallery button at the end of the game or view your past galleries at Jackbox.tv.

And we made it easy to share your t-shirts on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to tag @jackboxgames to show us what you’ve made! For some reason, it’s a lot of shirts with hot dogs…


Each turn, a single player makes their guess between 0-100%, based on the prompt. Then the other players wager whether the correct percentage is higher or lower than the guess. The player that guessed gets points for how close they were to the truth. The other players get points for guessing the over/under correctly. And, everyone gets to enjoy a good chuckle at how weird we are as a species.

If you’re playing with a small group of friends, the correct answers are based on the “highly scientific” Jackbox polling data that we’ve baked into the game. But if you play with an audience, each audience member gets to answer the poll question in real time, and their answers determine the correct percentage. What percentage of your group of friends/family (or streaming audience) puts ketchup on their hotdogs? You’re about to find out.

This is a great game for streamers because thousands can join in the audience and it requires no moderation of user-generated content. Guesspionage has also been a favorite game for events like ELEAGUE tournaments and sporting events.

Also, there’s a dolphin spy in it.

Quiplash 2

Players type in their best response to the prompt and then are pitted against each other in a head-to-head battle, while the rest of the players (and audience) vote on their favorite.

But, what makes it a… sequel, you ask dramatically?

Quiplash 2 allows players to create their own custom episodes! Create themed episodes for a holiday party, bachelorette party, dog birthday party… the options are endless! Learn more about how to create a custom episode of Quiplash 2 here.

Quiplash 2 also features new final round categories like the “Comic Lash,” where players fill in the missing dialogue in a cartoon strip. Are you funnier than Garfield creator Jim Davis? Probably!

Civic Doodle

To start, two players draw at once, adding whatever they choose to a simple starter drawing. Other players and audience members can react with an onscreen emoji in real time as the drawings emerge. Doodle Valley’s Mayor (who you may recognize if you’re a longtime YOU DON’T KNOW JACK fan) gives out bonus points for whatever emoji strikes his fancy at the end of the match.

When the time’s up, everyone votes on which drawing is the “best.” The winner’s drawing becomes the new “base drawing” that the next two players add to, in the same fashion as the first round. After everyone has drawn twice, you get to see your finished masterpiece displayed in a place of honor in the town! (Again, this seems like a really ill-advised decision made by the local government.)

In the final round, the Mayor commissions you and your fellow players to paint a portrait for the town hall. (Is someone trying to punish this poor town??) This culminates in a drawing free-for-all where everyone competes at once. Name your portrait something truly inspired, then admire the final result. The player who made the most popular additions wins!

If you really love your masterpiece, you can OWN it for real! Click the gallery button on your device at the end of the game. From there, you can select your work of art and turn it into your very own postcard or t-shirt! You can even bring up galleries from past games by clicking the gear icon on Jackbox.tv. You can leave Doodle Valley, but Doodle Valley will never leave you.


In Bracketeering, players submit answers to bizarre questions and categories like “Best thing to hold in your online dating profile picture” or “Coolest person to clone an army of.” Those answers then duke it out in a tournament-style instant-elimination bracket, until the championship answer is crowned.

It’s not only about entering funny answers. It’s about discovering earth-shattering truths about what your friends and fellow players believe to be true. Predicting winners of future match-ups (and convincing others to agree with you) could be your path to victory, even if an answer you typed in doesn’t take the top prize.

But things really get cooking in the Blind Round, where players submit their entries before they know the true title of the bracket. The game might ask you for “any animal,” but you could regret choosing “baby hedgehog” when the category is revealed to be “Awesomest animal to guard your children.” Whether your answer fits perfectly or is hilariously mischosen, you can still win it all with savvy predictions and a convincing argument. Even if it means betting against yourself.

Survive The Internet

During each round, players get a different prompt on their device that asks a simple, opinion-based question like, “How do you feel about Fidget Cubes?” Let’s say you’re wildly addicted to them, so you respond with, “I’m addicted to them!”

That response is then randomly sent to another player. Their objective is to take your quote out of context in the funniest way they can. So your opponent might add a hashtag to make it seem like you’re addicted to #HomeworkAssignments, #Swirlies, #UndercookedFrenchFries, or some other thing that makes you look like a total putz!

Then, everyone votes on who comes out looking the most ridiculous. You earn bonus points for being the person who made them look that way! And our putz friends earn some pity points for sacrificing their reputation. The player with the most points at the end “survives.”

Survive the Internet is also the birthplace of Jackbox’s favorite non playable character, Gene! Play your cards wrong and Gene may just out-survive you. But hey, it’s good to let Gene win now and again. He needs this, guys.

Fibbage 3

Like its prequels, Fibbage 3 gives you the joyful task of fooling your friends with clever lies. Players submit their best “truths” to fill the blank in a piece of obscure trivia. Everyone then votes on which “truth”they think correctly completes the fact. You can still win the Thumbs Cup and you can still rely on the “Lie for Me” button if you’re stumped.

Want that same Fibbage-y feel but more personalized? Then check out the all-new game mode, Fibbage: Enough About You. This bonus version of the game can be accessed in the Fibbage 3 lobby. Instead of weird facts about the greater world, you’re completing odd facts about the friends you’re playing with!

In the final round, players submit one truth and one lie about themselves and you’re forced to prove how well you know your friends, coworkers, or that one weird cousin you only see once a year. Fooling players with lies about yourself earns you major bonus points. You also get a “Reputation Bonus” when players prove they know you well enough to guess the truth correctly.

Patently Stupid

You’ll attend an exclusive, invitation-only seminar hosted by ex-spouses Toby and Lena that is only open to everyone, everywhere. Once inside, each attendee will create a unique problem that will be tasked to their fellow players to solve! Simply draw your inventive design, give it a title and tagline then get ready for the (fake) moolah to roll in!

Once you create an inspired invention, you get to present your idea using our amazing presentation tool! Who doesn’t love public speaking?! Okay, not everybody. But, if you’re too shy or you’re streaming the seminar, there’s a handy-dandy presentation tool that will do the work for you! Neato!

Mad Verse City

In Mad Verse City, you hear your MC avatar rap the bars that you’ve written (they’re a little robotic, but they’re doing their best). Feeling a bit off your lyrical game? Use the “Write for Me” and “Suggestions” buttons to help. Once you submit your rhyme, smash the “Fire” and “Boo” buttons to react to the other players during the battle.

At stake are mountains of cash, and the respect of whatever is left of Mad Verse City when you’re done!

Split The Room

In this surreal game of what-ifs, players are given a weird hypothetical situation that’s missing one key detail. Like this one:

The hot new Christmas toy is a cute robotic otter that’s programmed to hold hands with you and say nice things. A bug has been found where once every 100,000 times it will whisper “_.” You’re the CEO. Do you recall the toy?

Your objective is to fill in the blank with something you think will divide the room’s response. The more divisive it is, the more points you get.

The game culminates with an insane final round composed of distressing dilemmas. Two doors await you. It’s up to you to make the second choice as appealing as the first.

Are you what your dimension calls a “streamer?” Well, an audience of up to 10,000 can play along! They compete as one collective player; their actions are decided by majority rule. Find out (for better or worse) just how well you know your community.

It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had in a nebulous void!

You Don’t Know Jack Full Stream

This time around, the game (and Cookie) have been acquired by the friendly corporate overlords at Binjpipe, your premiere media streaming service. Binjpipe’s consumer-pleasing algorithms have led to tons of brand new features like “Data Mining” questions, “Player’s Choice,” and brand new Screws that mess with your opponents’ devices when they’re trying to answer the question.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Full Stream supports single player gameplay and groups as large as eight. Additional audience members can play along, and how well they do on a question determines how much bonus cash it’s worth to the players.

Trivia! Fart sounds! Eight players! Whatever Binjpipe is! Stop reading and go play the game!

Trivia Murder Party 2

Still on the run from the police after the events of the first Trivia Murder Party, the serial killer host has moved into the Murder Hotel where he grew up. In the past his family killed unsuspecting guests at their hotel, but now the Host is using the hotel to run his bizarre game show… where he kills unsuspecting guests.

Like the first Trivia Murder Party, players answer trivia questions and answering incorrectly will send you to the Killing Floor, to play mini-games that can kill. New mini-games include avoiding swords stabbed into a magician’s box, tattooing the killer’s back and most terrifying of all… using a rotary phone!

Trivia Murder Party 2 is packed full of new surprises. Can you finish the game with a bomb strapped to your body? What would you do if you could haunt one of the other players? Would it be weird if the killer thought you were his mother?

Check in to the Murder Hotel to find out.


In the Dictionarium, you’re served up hot, fresh, never-seen-before words and it’s your job to define them. The definition with the most votes wins, but you’re not off the hook yet! You’ll also come up with a synonym and use the word in a sentence.

By the end of the game, you’ve collectively created an entirely new dictionary entry, which will be forever enshrined in the Dictionarium by it’s faithful keeper. She’s upbeat, odd, and Northern European…we think? We didn’t ask her in the beginning and now it’s too late.

Joke Boat

In Joke Boat, you play the role of an amateur comic competing in a talent show on a fourth-rate cruise ship. The comedian who writes and performs (or has the game perform) the best jokes will win!

Crafting an original one-liner isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You’ll learn the ropes under Chuck Hull, the ship’s captain and emcee. But don’t let his name fool you. The horrors he’s witnessed out at sea have done a real number to his sense of humor…

ANYWAY, the game culminates with a frantic final round where you attempt to one-up other players’ jokes while the boat is capsizing. As the saying goes: “Winners get life vests!”

Are you on board? Then join us as we sail the sea of laughter!

Role Models

In Role Models, you and your friends become guinea pigs for a mad scientist studying human nature. Just choose a category, like Alice in Wonderland, then match each of the players (including yourself) to a “role” within that category. For example, your carefree buddy might be the Mad Hatter, and the creepy weirdo of the group might be the Cheshire Cat. If the test subjects are split on who’s who, tied players perform a tiebreaker experiment tailored specifically to that role to determine who truly deserves the title.

The host awards you with delicious “science pellets” for voting with the majority, and for winning tiebreaker games, but the real payoff is in seeing your final master role, made up of all the previous roles you’ve earned in the experiment. If you got Captain America, Pikachu, and “slept through my alarm,” you might be crowned the “Lazy Electric Patriot” of your friend group. And once it’s official, there’s no escaping that title. That’s science, baby.