Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2015-05-02

[06:37 PM] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: I could but my balls would hang out

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[21:52] Vicoro Palmira: Jagger she is singing about how me and her dog cheated on her and she found a pair of panties in my car, then she cut up all of my clothes and tossed them out of the 30th floor window of our apartment

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[21:49] ㄨஐRalphieஐㄨ (dlehi.lykin): Now playing: Anju – Eye Love Your skin flute Hakuei

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[20:58] Ila the Electroencephalograph (ianstan.naxos): I have decided dat from now on, I am Walter Peen Of Scotts

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[19:43] Alexi Romanov (alexbeauchamp): payback for my meat in your ass

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2015-05-01

[19:36] EPIC FAIL: its ok jagger…come sit on my finger 19:37] ㄨஐRalphieஐㄨ: i’ve done that

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[19:11] Tseenik Miles: okay but give me warning before it comes out

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-05-01

[18:50] EPIC (drew.harcourt): this is good….keep it up kaj

Quoted by: Shizuka Tsunenaga 2015-05-01

[15:29] Alexi Romanov (AlexBeauchamp Resident): i thought we were changing the penile statue to one of Charleys butt?

Quoted by: Esmiel Posthorn 2015-05-01

Shizzy Lamont: does it taste like custard, Jerry?

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-30

[20:49] Vicoro Palmira: I greased my back door again, it is hung so well it closes by itself.

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-30

[20:18] S㊉UIX ARCħER (souixeside) cums

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2015-04-30

[20:18] Vicoro Palmira: I came in the middle of something

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-30

[20:03] Future Static: My peen does look “Futuristic”! (I’ve said too much)

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-30

[19:59] Shizzy Lamont (shizuka.tsunenaga) looks for something to shove into Jagger’s mouth

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-30

[19:42] Shizzy Lamont (shizuka.tsunenaga): i have a purple tip

Quoted by: Ima Peccable 2015-04-29

Robbie (robertmanners): “We are all in the gutter; but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde 🙂

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-29

[19:30] LaFel Elvehjem: ok back, weasel in hand.

Quoted by: mattmorris 2015-04-28

[21:29] ㄨஐRalphieஐㄨ: Ooo well guys be sure to put your penis down long enough to linden luv Dov

Quoted by: Tseenik Miles 2015-04-27

[19:48] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann) blows Kody

Quoted by: Tseenik Miles 2015-04-27

[18:51] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann): Û©ÛžÛ© Want to make a sperm donation? Wank the PENIS. Thanks!!

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2015-04-27

[06:22 PM] Matt Morris: I seem to have shat a Tsee.

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2015-04-26

[19:14] Fieger Difference: Kal Eilde is 8 Inches

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2015-04-26

(storm.eberhardt): and I don’t need Kaj beating me

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2015-04-25

[21:06] Vicoro Palmira: I am in

Quoted by: Vicoro Palmira 2015-04-25

Charley is heavy loaded with testosterone

Quoted by: mattmorris 2015-04-25

[19:06] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann: Jaggers jacking off to Shiz with her strap on

Quoted by: mattmorris 2015-04-24

[20:23] Ila the Electroencephalograph: I wanna Suck!

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-24

[20:04] Fieger Difference: in RL I fuck like a two legged cow.

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2015-04-24

[19:58] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen (charley.eismann): Jagger prolly has more than me

Quoted by: mattmorris 2015-04-24

[19:55] ㄨஐRalphieஐㄨ: no Jagger is crazy

Quoted by: mattmorris 2015-04-24

[19:53] Jagger: oh I didn’t know you were comin Bru