Quoted by: Future Static 2021-12-30

[18:55] Jimmie Teebrook: no no. you can’t spank it and then rub stuff on it

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-29

[19:42] Robbie Roo: Well I’m not gonna snort it. I hate snorting things. I have a hard enough time with my sperm!

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2021-12-29

[19:35] Lorelei Kasshiki: thank you Robbie for the tunes, have to get myself off

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-29

[18:43] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: about that…losing my v-card was MUCH more fun, there was chaffing!

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-29

[18:38] Dehrynn Shepherd: well, if anyone has a woodie longer than 4 hours, Robbie will help them take care of that!

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-29

[14:52] Fieger Difference: How wholesome have I been? I wasn’t naked?

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-29

[14:49] Fieger Difference smiles at this song

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-29

[14:36] Fieger Difference: all is right with the snack tray

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-29

[14:01] Matt Fluffpaw: sproi-oin-oin-oing

Quoted by: Matt Fluffpaw 2021-12-29

Sam Winchester (Adelphus): Robbie? you wanna play with us tomorrow?

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-29

[13:36] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): So many things in the body are shaped like beans, I would expect that to be the default shape

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-28

[21:13] Keru: a rough but authentic ride 😉 [21:13] Robbie Roo: Hehehe I’ve dated a couple guys like that 😉

Quoted by: Storm Eberhardt 2021-12-19

[17:15] Robbie Roo: Hey! I don’t swallow… oh, wait… yeah… nevermind.

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-17

[20:00] Dehrynn Shepherd: well, you don’t get to be a Starfall DJ by having a headful of turnips

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2021-12-17

[18:59] Loraan Fierrens blows you all

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-17

[18:37] Muram butt wiggles for giant cock

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-17

Matt Fluffpaw: You are not the cat, I am. But since I do not like boobs and I do not perform mammograms I will not attempt any nipple squishing.

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-15

[15:06] Sam Winchester (adelphus): I like it when you flail at me Coin. and trying to Boop Dehrynn is like trying to catch the wind

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2021-12-14

[20:05] Dov Watanabe: Nuuu I was getting whipped and pounded all day.

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-11

[20:01] Robbie Roo: I play with my ding-a-ling!

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2021-12-09

[20:00] Future Static: You can tell Flo liked the meat

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2021-12-09

[19:25] Fieger Difference: I can only play with what I have

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-08

[20:26] Dov Watanabe: Yeah if it’s 15 inches thick, it’s filled with…

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2021-12-08

[14:11] Matt Fluffpaw: ack, and as usual screwing me, I need to turn my wrists back ON

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-07

[20:38] Rustie Zeplin: say you get abducted by aliens and you;re wearing your butt plug. I wonder if that would confuse them

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2021-12-07

[18:09] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: I like a dry rubbed one

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-07

[18:09] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: Im not all into gooey

Quoted by: Ginkgo Southmoor 2021-12-04

Fieger Difference: Ok Jacob — you got balls out on both sides of you…

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2021-12-03

[20:35] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: that’s a lotta wood!

Quoted by: Future Static 2021-12-02

[20:00] Sam Winchester (adelphus): you all so rock hard.

Quoted by: Adelphus 2021-12-01

[19:16] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann: I”m used to double fisting

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2021-12-01

[18:59] Muram (muram.neruda): time to pull out

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2021-11-30

[21:22] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann: Well Aliens was better than Alien [21:22] Dov Watanabe: Kaj, I will fight you