Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-02-10

[19:10] Culian Lovelace (lovelessculian): They are just gonna plant willie to make the weed greener

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2023-02-08

[20:13] Kaj Juutilainen-Eismann (kaj.juutilainen): Act like Everything , Everywhere at ONce and smack with dilldos

Quoted by: JaggerRogue 2023-02-08

[20:00] Shizuka Tsunenaga: its a very nice wiener, Fie, very well kept hehe xD

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-02-08

[19:58] Jagger (jaggerrogue): Fie it’s always good to have an inoffensive penis

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-02-08

[19:57] Ryo Sasaki (ryosasaki): Nice bouncy tune. Goes good with Tea and cookies.

Quoted by: Adelphus 2023-02-08

[19:14] Coin Hammerer kisses Deh’s tip

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-02-08

[14:37] Matt Fluffpaw: I’m retired, I don’t care lol

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-02-08

[14:30] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): I decided to get a more festive color of Crocs

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-02-07

[18:32] Charley Eismann-Juutilainen: I would rather have had my pubes slowly yanked out

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2023-02-06

Prince Tzedek: just be sure to get around the back

Quoted by: Fieger Difference 2023-02-01

[19:00] Sam Winchester (adelphus): do I need to smack it again?

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-31

[21:00] Swallo: host me harder Robbie!

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-31

[19:40] Dov Watanabe: Swallo, you’d put out for a half a Lactaid skim milk past it’s best by date.

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-31

[19:06] Dov Watanabe: Tonight, Jimmie becomes a woman

Quoted by: Dov Watanabe 2023-01-31

[19:03] Kaj Juutilainen: We have 3 hours to work over Jimmie’s ass

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2023-01-31

[18:19] Robbie Roo: I think they were just scared of something that big.

Quoted by: Charley Eismann 2023-01-31

[18:17] Robbie Roo: Does it get damp down there?

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-30

[18:42] Dov Watanabe: Well Kaj, sometimes the glowing orb in the sky plucks you out of your car by the side of the road in the desert and they’re like “ooh let’s probe this earthcat” and the next thing you know they’re calling you daddy and making pancakes

Quoted by: Shizuka Tsunenaga 2023-01-27

[18:25] Ginkus Habilis (Ginkgo Southmoor): I think I’m beating it 🙂

Quoted by: Matt Fluffpaw 2023-01-27

Sam Winchester (Adelphus): I like fluffing you

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-01-20

[19:50] Bruin Prospero: my cock is very complex. and misunderstood

Quoted by: Esmiel Posthorn 2023-01-20

[15:47] Matt Fluffpaw: It’s a challenge when you can stretch it out all the way!

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-01-20

[14:26] TouTou トゥトゥ (tourette.laval): When you’re working on your penis for hours?

Quoted by: Dehrynn Shepherd 2023-01-19

[18:56] Future Static: I like it when they come together

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-19

[18:33] Robbie Roo: Oh this was the song I meant to play during one of my B sets but forgot to download at the time heheh [18:33] Bhakti Mimulus entered chat range (18.65 m).

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-01-18

[14:34] Robbie Roo (robbie.ravenhurst): Oh thank you 😀 I wasn’t going to notice that for a while. I was halfway through Kaj

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-14

[19:04] Fieger Difference: Hokey smokes…. I have “Happy Boy”

Quoted by: Kaj Juutilainen 2023-01-12

[19:05] Jimmie Teebrook: charley has a way bigger butt

Quoted by: Coin Hammerer 2023-01-11

[13:34] Fieger Difference: oh! I think I have arm extenders. hang on

Quoted by: Bruin Prospero 2023-01-10

[20:05] Jimmie Teebrook: i expect to be … stiff for a week

Quoted by: Jimmie Teebrook 2023-01-06

[19:52] Future Static: I was faking it.

Quoted by: Shizuka Tsunenaga 2023-01-06

[18:52] Jimmie Teebrook: first the double ended dildo sword and now…